Workforce mobilisation software

Modern workforce mobilisation made much easier, a lot faster and less costly.


Lower costs, lower risks, plus great oversight

Why bounce between software products to post job ads, candidate searches, SMSs, resourcing, D&As, tickets and performance reviews? With Rapid Crews, you can easily manage people end-to-end on one platform. Everything works seamlessly.

Resource Tracking

Collaborate easily

Mobilising contingent labour is a team sport. Whether you’re checking tickets, or sharing performance review feedback, you and your team need the right info at the right time. You’ll be able to make decisions quickly and ensure all workers get to site exactly as requested.


Deliver quality consistently

Rapid Crews excellence means your staff are supported to consistently deliver results to push you ahead of the pack on quality of service and cost of delivery.


Find the hidden gems

Rapid Crews excels in consistently finding the best and most up to date workers. Save time and stress with readily available competencies, ticket expiries and performance review data at your finger tips. Reliable data and our powerful database search means you can identify the best people quickly and easily.

Russell Fitzgerald
Business Analyst

We designed and built Rapid Crews because we believed that mobilisaing workers to site should be an enjoyable experience where recruiters and managers are more productive and a lot less stressed.

Allison Stratton
Business Support

I love helping teams hit the ground running and helping them through the learning curve. I know I’m successful when the support phone is cold and staffing is ramping up.

Thomas Nador

I’m driven to make Rapid Crews the best service to support busy recruiters. I want to know that my work means people don’t burn out in this hard paced industry.

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