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We work to make our clients be better than they were yesterday

Rapid Crews was born from the frustration that people who were expected to deliver labour in high volume, didn’t have the best tools to power them to succeed. We saw expensive software failures, burnt out staff, unnecessary risk and lost opportunities. We knew we had the team to build a better solution that would empower our clients to dramatically reduce costs, better manage risk and help scale up their business faster than their competitors.

Meet the team!

Our highly experienced team can help you customise our software to save you both time and money in the long run, with our full support and guidance along the way.

Russell Fitzegerald

Russell Fitzgerald

Managing DirectorRussell has 25 years of analysis, design and project management experience in enterprise software. He has worked for clients including Telstra, Worley Parsons, Ministry of Health (NZ), FMG and Western Power. He brings an understanding of how to consistently deliver results to enterprise clients.

Allison Stratton

Customer Success LeadAllison's extensive experience in blue-collar recruiting and business improvement is core to the design of Rapid Crews and it's customisation for each of our client's specific needs. Her in-depth knowledge of what recuiters and co-ordination staff require brings a high level of polish to our implementations for our clients


Software Development EngineerMatthew is a multi-disciplinary developer with extensive experience in scalable, cloud-based enterprise systems. He brings design thinking and attention to detail to each bulid of Rapid Crews.


Software Developer


Software Developer

Veronique Luhan

Senior software Developer


Cyber Security Business Analyst

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