Co-ordinate like it’s a team sport

A Single Platform

All your work in one location.

No moving between your database, outlook, spreadsheets, texting and paperwork.

All your team can collaborate together in one location and everything is there with no need to handover, because you know exactly where everything is at. At all times!

Real Insights

Powerful data at your fingertips to:

1 Track Progress

2 Compare Costs

3 Find ineffiiciencies and

4 Share the workload

Effortless Database Search

Searching for candidates is a breeeze.

Rapid Crews strength is it’s easy to use and powerful search that builds work crews fast and accurately.

Trade templates can be saved for clients and sites, so you can instantly find the best, up to date candiates who are scored on skills and ticket expiries.


Planning a new shutdown is a breeze. If it’s based on a previous shut – just copy, paste, remove poor performers, then go.

Your progress bar tells you how far to go and moving contractors is just dragging and dropping, then moving through your checklist.

Get people to site

Getting people and their documents to site is easy.

Once a contractor has checked all the boxes, then all his documents are collated and ready to be forwarded to site.

Rapid Crews does it for you!

Performance reviews

Performance Reviews are really easy for site supervisors.

They have their own login they can access anytime on a PC, or tablet and quickly score, add notes and submit.

No paperwork, waiting, or forms to fill out at the end of the day.  It’s that easy!


If you want to make co-ordinating shuts easier, faster and less stressful, then Rapid Crews can make your life a lot easier.

If you want to cut out inefficiencies and save money, then Rapid Crews saves you money.

If you want to manage more shuts, with less risk and grow your business, then Rapid Crews will help give you a competitive advantage.