Why We Choose To Partner With Microsoft

Microsoft is host to some pretty stunning numbers. 1.5 billion people use Windows everyday, the flagship offering that became one of the biggest factors in building their empire. The industry leader is more than just Windows, though. By offering robust business solutions built through Office, Sharepoint, Azure, and even new additions like Skype and Yammer, we firmly believe they offer the most useful and productive software around.

As a custom software development company, we at Red Rock Software believe that implementing customised cloud-based software packages can help businesses in any industry. From engineering and construction to health and hospitals, the answers to productivity and profit are waiting in the cloud.

Because we focus on software development in Perth, you don’t even have to go halfway across the globe to get the business answers that you’re looking for.

Why The Cloud?

Adoption of the cloud isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Public IT spending on the cloud is set to reach $108 billion by 2017. Microsoft is at the forefront, and it only makes sense to for Red Rock Software to capitalise on the applications that are being put out by them.

After all, 80% of Fortune 500 companies are on the cloud. By becoming a Microsoft Partner, we have access to more resources and tools that we need to capitalise on demand.

The Red Rock Software Manifesto

We are a software company that truly loves what we do. We are focused on client success, and the way to client success is through our love of successful software. We want everybody to win. This also means staying ahead of the game, and expanding our technical expertise constantly.

Databases, apps, integrations, or web apps, we have experience with it all. By being a Microsoft Partner, Red Rock Software also has the ability to take advantage of their educational seminars, conferences, and workshops that they offer. We pass on our own learning to our own business partners, and everybody wins.

As a software development services company, we want to be able to help any industry in any way we can. This means finding the best software solution and tailoring it to your specific company.

Making Sense For Clients

Does a SharePoint deployment make the most sense for one of our clients? We follow it through from start to finish. SharePoint is one of the most complete enterprise solutions on the market. It enables the easiest collaboration between employees by allowing them to work on documents at the same time. It ends the endless email chains. It makes workers communicate with each other.

Any industry can benefit from employees working better together, and SharePoint is the perfect way to do it. Office 365 integration and even corporate social media are all built-in, and customised by us to work within the right industry, in the right office.

We’re not just one of the software companies in Perth, and that’s why we’re dedicated to the cloud. We can get you set up and running with Microsoft Azure, technology used by 57% of Fortune 500 companies. It’s open and flexible and let’s you make use of your existing IT environment.

When you’re ready to expand, Azure’s cloud computing let’s you do just that. With a pay-as-you-go service, Azure can let you scale up during peak seasons and scale back down when you’re ready. Only pay for what you use.

Safe and Secure

One of the main reasons Red Rock Software is a Microsoft partner is their dedication to security. We know that not every company feels completely comfortable with utilising the cloud, after all large corporations and cyber attacks seem to appear on the news pretty frequently.

However, Microsoft has been recognised by the European Union’s data protection authority for its commitment to privacy laws. They were also the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international privacy standard.

On top of that, many governments and public agencies even rely on Azure for their security.

Red Rock Software itself is committed to distance working. Our analysis, design, and lead programmer duties are in Perth, but the rest of our developers are located two and half hours away. How does this benefit the client? We have created a management system to run our team from a distance that the client can see too. We provide them with a “live view” of the project that is the same as what we are seeing.

After all, what good is custom software if the client isn’t able to customise it? Equally as important is that the software is successful, because with successful software comes a successful client, and that’s exactly what we are all looking towards.